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NFI Vermont Presents: "Symposium on Adolescence 2012"

with Dr. Raymond Chin

  • November 8th in Burlington, VT. Venue TBA

"Training Teen Brains to Become Minds: Ready, Fire, Aim!"

This presentation will focus on the neuropsychology of adolescent brain development especially the prefrontal cortex and the executive functions. Participants will experience Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness interventions designed to develop executive functions.

SAU #70 Special Education Educational Series

with Dr. Raymond Chin

  • October 5, November 2 & 30. All three workshops will be held at the Richmond Middle School auditorium from 6:00-7:30 pm

The workshops will focus on supporting students with executive function, social cognition, and behavioral concerns. The purpose of the workshops will be to:

- Clarify often confusing concepts so that educational team members can be on the 'same page' before planning any intervention
- Give examples of successful team interventions that employ neurodevelopmental models (as opposed to pathology models)

The first session will focus on behavior disorders. The term 'behavior' is something of a red herring in so far as it can mask the neuropsychological substrates of all of our actions. Therefore, in order to treat the 'behavior' one must understand the brain function first.

The second topic in the series will focus on executive functions (EF). EF are the regulatory and reasoning abilities that affect our attention, emotions, organization, planning, memory and decisive actions. EF are most often associated with the frontal lobes of the brain that act as the CEO of the rest of the brain.

The last topic in the series will be social cognition, that is, the ability to consider others' points of view, subtle emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, and intentions. According to Vygotsky "all learning is social" and children who have social cognition deficits do poorly on the playground as well in the classroom when engaged in turn-taking, negotiation, debates, and group activities.

A Team Approach to Mental Health, Support, Life Skills and Healthy Transitions

with Mark Detzer, PhD and Marguerite Monet, MSW

  • June 3, 2009 | Nashua, NH

As part of the 12th Annual Summit on Adolescents and HIV: The Impact on Youth, Families, Schools and Communities

Positive Psychology Strategies for Managing Diabetes

with Mark Detzer, PhD

  • May 10, 2009 | DHMC, Lebanon, NH

As part of Diabetes Tune Up: The Road to Good Diabetes Management

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